Tattoo Hygiene

Hygiene is Paramount

Here at the Bloodline Tattoo Studio in Phuket, our clients safety and experience is extremely important to us. We don’t want people to come here for some body art and leave unhappy and with the possibility of getting infection. So we have established a strict set of protocols and standards that are modeled after the Australian standards and best practices for customer protection.

All of our artists and staff are trained on how to perform using each and every one of our high standards and best practices that we have set up. We have created a highly sterile environment that surrounds each one of our customers as they are in the studio. We use only disposable tattoo equipment and all inks are never re-used and are all imported. Nothing is ever carried over or reused to another customer.

Safe, Sterile Environment

When a customer enters our studio to get a tattoo we want them to be assured that everything that we can do to keep them safe is being done. Afterall, they just want their tattoo to look great, but at the same time they don’t want to leave the studio unhappy.

That is why anytime there is a possibility of contamination of the customer who is getting a tattoo applied to their skin we have ensured that all equipment,are completely covered by plastic. This plastic covering is then completely replaced after each customer has left and before the next customer enters the area.

Each of our tattoo artists are careful to adhere to all of our strict safety standards. These include never reusing needles, inks or any other equipment from one customer to another. They always wash up using an automatic soap dispenser and where rubber gloves before they start doing any work.

Hygiene Standards and Best Practices

The following are the standards and best practices that we all strictly adhere to here at Bloodline Tattoo Studio:

● Only use disposable needles – tubes and inks (never reused)
● All equipment is covered with plastic and replaced after each session
● Chairs/beds are covered with a plastic sheeting and is replaced after each session
● Artists wash using an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser and put on fresh gloves before each session begins
● All areas are cleaned in between each customer to ensure no contamination can occur

Our Customer Safety and Experience Comes First

Tattoo Aftercare

After Getting a Tattoo

Now that you are done with the ordeal of getting your body art applied to your body it is absolutely paramount that you follow all of the aftercare procedures that your tattoo artist will go over with you before you leave. Your ability to follow all of the instructions carefully will be the difference between a positive experience and a not so good result.

The number one concern during the healing process is to avoid any possibility of infection. The other thing is you keep it moisturized in order to keep the colors from premature fading. The tattoo and surrounding area will be covered by a dressing that is applied carefully by the artist before you leave the chair.

The average healing time for most newly applied tattoos is between 5 and 10 days and there are several things that you really need to be aware of in order to protect your new body art. There a few things that you have to be absolutely sure you do within the first hour of getting a new tattoo; carefully clean it, liberally apply a moisturizer and keep it protected from exposure to UVA/UVB rays of the sun.

One of the keys to after care is to remove any of the oozing blood platelets that normally form ahead of scabbing. You want to be sure to keep any scabs from forming over your tattoo, as this can lead to premature color fading. By keeping it moisturized and protected from the sun you can almost certainly expect the vivid colors of your tattoo to shine bright.

Things to absolutely avoid

Don’t use any bar soap to clean your tattoo
Don’t ever use any soap with any antibacterial ingredients
Don’t wash your tattoo using a washcloth, scrub brush or sponges
Don’t rub or scrape while drying, always pat dry
Don’t sunbathe or swim in chlorinated water (swimming pool or hot tubs)

It is really important that you are very careful to avoid all of the things listed about throughout the entire healing process. Infection is one of the biggest fears when it comes to tattoo aftercare, being sure that your hands are thoroughly cleaned before you start to apply moisturizing cream to the tattooed skin.

Important things to remember to do

Applying a good moisturizing cream several times a day will actually accomplish two very important things to help with the healing process; helps to improve blood flow to tattooed skin area and to keep the skin extremely moist. However don’t put too heavy of a coat of cream which can be difficult to rub in and cause extra irritation to the skin.

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