Looking for some of the best Traditional Bamboo tattoos originating in Asia? Look no further, with Professional techniques and only using disposable needles that are professionally and skillfully tapped with a bamboo rod and hand “tapped” into the skin. When it comes to this technique in Thailand it first started within Buddhist temples, where monks would get ink symbolizing protection, faith, and good health.

However, one of the best parts about bamboo tattoos is the pain factor, or lack there of. It’s said to be much less painful than that of the tattoo machine, causing a lot less damage and trauma to the skin, which in turn leads to faster healing time. And return to everyday activities or vacationing (Swimming, sun, etc.). Taking only a couple days of heal time at most, as opposed to the general 2 weeks needed for tattoo machine work. Which is perfect, when coming to visit us in the beautiful area of Thailand.

Bamboo Tattoos Phuket

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