Colour Tattoos

Coloured Tattoo Artists

Renowned as the Best Tattoo Studio in Phuket, at Bloodline Tattoo our artists have great talent & skill when it comes to designing & creating colour tattoos.

Rich in vibrancy, colour tattoos are often used to create floral designs, aquatic & jungle themed pieces & even portraits of people close to the individual, or well-known figures from the world of TV & film such as The Joker, Harley Quinn & Deadshot from the critically-acclaimed Suicide Squad film series.

Designed to make a statement, the Colour Tattoo Designs seen in Phuket is often across the back, shoulders, forearms & legs, or as one whole body piece depending on preference. They can also be used to create smaller designs that are reflective of something significant to the person.

For inspiration on your own colour tattoo, browse through the portfolio created by our award-winning tattoo artistry team.

At Bloodline Tattoo, you are also able to choose between a tattoo gun or traditional bamboo options, opening up vast opportunities that are hard to come by in other establishments.

Get a colour tattoo in one sitting or spread it over a few days too, just remember that whatever you want, we’ll provide. It is you in the driver’s seat; after all, it’s just how it should be. Our Australian-standard tattoo parlour is professional, clean and the best place to come for that dream bit of ink.


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