Portrait Tattoos

Portrait tattoo design

When wishing to have a portrait tattoo, we believe that this can only be achieved at the best tattoo parlour in Phuket, Bloodline Tattoo.

Often acting as a memorial, a portrait tattoo consists of either a human figure or animals; whether it be just the face of the presence or the whole body. Whilst often created through black and white ink with simple shading, other individuals sometimes decide to break from tradition & customise their tattoo with colour. You may opt for something artistic, of cartoon style or old school, but we are sure that you’ll be thrilled with your piece no matter what.

Through their great talent & unparalleled experience, our award-winning artists have the ability to bring any vision to life. So, if you want to capture the essence of someone close to you, pay a visit to our tattoo studio in Phuket today.

For inspiration, take a look at our great portfolio of portrait tattoo designs.

Whatever your portrait desires are, we can recreate them in the exact style you are looking for. Choose between tattoo gun or traditional bamboo options (although realistic is usually better with the gun), sit back and enjoy the ride. Colour or black and grey, we have a range of ink options for you to choose from too.

Get the full tattoo in one sitting or spread it over a few days too, just remember that whatever you want, we’ll provide. It is you in the driver’s seat; after all, it’s just how it should be. Our Australian-standard tattoo parlour is professional, clean and the best place to come for that dream bit of ink.


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